Shri Abhijit Sudhakar Bangar

Category: Indian Administrative Service

Innovation and impactful public service delivery

Innovative application of solar energy technology to double the cropping intensity for the tribal farmers.

Multiple stakeholder participation and inclusion, including networking of the Collector with technology provider.

Smt. Ashwini Krishnarao Sonavane

Category: Other Government Services

Quality education development for underprivileged children

Increasing tribal children’s attendance and learning outcomes in collaboration with civil society in one of the most difficult area, Bhamragad, Gadchiroli.

Bringing digital technology in school and mobilizing finances by way of contribution from the people and government departments.

Encouraging and developing the attitude of teachers as agents for change for sustainability.

Shri Abhinav Diliprao Deshmukh

Category: Special Award

Innovative multi-stakeholder network connecting Police and Communities

Fostering friendlier relations between locals, tribals and police by encouraging networking and providing e-libraries, tele-medicine and internet banking in police posts.

Networking and collaboration with civil society groups for rehabilitation of surrendered naxals.

Creating an atmosphere for physical and emotional connectivity with the people.

Shri Jitendra S. Ramgaokar

Category: Special Mention

Community driven Ecotourism & scalable model to help save our forests

An innovative adventure sport based eco-tourism project that involves job creation for local tribal youths.

A systematic arrangement made for counseling and tourism based activity training which helped in low migration.

Conservation of nature and addressing degradation of bio-diversity.

Shri N. Vasudevan

Category: Special Mention

Ushering blue-green revolution

A paradigm shift in the approach to mangrove conservation with involvement of local communities.

Use of eco-friendly technology for protection of mangroves and generation of livelihoods.

Creation of a permanent institution for mangrove protection and conservation.