Latest Work

Primarily to forefront more officials who have not been recognised or awarded by any National or State level Government bodies, but have done commendable work in recent 5 years.

Going Beyond

Going beyond the call of duty for pragmatic and innovative solutions like application of science, technology, harnessing social capital, evidence based policy making, etc. which enables overcoming constraints of public funds or limitations of administrative capacity.


Measurable and demonstrable using economic, environmental, social or any such indicators like increased income of poor people, increased access to public service, increased waste segregation and recycling, improved forest cover or biodiversity, etc.


Impact to be corroborated by third party credible stakeholders like press, NGOs, people elected representatives or citations in publications should be mentioned for jury’s reference.


Special consideration for vocational improvement in farmers income, insulated their income against climate change, enabled environmental conservation while balancing needs of development and local peoples livelihood.


An assessment on sustainability of the work. Whether the work has been owned by the local community or a lasting institution like Gram Panchayat, Forest Management or Municipal Corporation, ensuring the work will continue long after the official is not in position.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.